Police in Mpumalanga have urged members of the community seek help when confronted with challenges. This follows an incident where a 24-year-old mother of four allegedly killed her children in Klarinet, Emalahleni.

The woman was not present when her trial opened in the Emalahleni Magistrate’s Court, as she had been hospitalised after she handed herself over to the police following the incident.

The community of Klarinet at Emalahleni is still in shock after the incident that happened a day after Christmas.

The woman allegedly called her family members and told them to check her rented house.

On arrival the relatives found the dead bodies of four children aged between 11 months and 8 years wrapped in a blanket.

The woman allegedly handed herself over to the police. Her distraught father, Kevin Balance, says she never showed any signs of being distressed.

Balance says his daughter was in a jovial mood before the incident.

“There were never any signs that something is wrong and we were all shocked and in pain, she didn’t show anything that she was suffering from, it’s a great loss to us she never cried out, she was happy she was living life to the fullest the kids were right, nothing to show that she was in need of help.”

The four children were fathered by three men. The father of two of them, William Shongwe is shocked.

“What I can say things happen sometimes, we don’t know what cause of this thing. I don’t know how to say this how to pronounce it a mother killing all four children, the law should take its cause.”

Police spokesperson Leonard Hlathi has called on members of the public to seek professional help rather than when stressed.

“In Mpumalanga, we had a similar case last year a woman killed three children and this is a lot, we want to warn  people not to bottle up problems that they are going through, they should seek help.”

The woman will make her next court appearance on Monday. Meanwhile the four children will be laid to rest on Sunday.

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