A Mpumalanga principal accused of sexually abusing boys has been arrested. This after at least four boys reported the principal to the police.

Parents demonstrated outside the Ligugu Secondary School, baying for the blood of the 53-year-old principal.

Shocked and traumatised, a 18-year-old pupil accuses the school principal of rape.

He allegedly abused him in his office.

The victim’s mother says, “He came home crying hysterical. I asked him what (was) going on and (he) said the principal had raped him. I went to buy airtime. We went to the clinic and police station. He is not coping at all. I want to see him in jail for life.”

Outside the school, angry and frustrated parents want justice for their children.

And others are coming forward. Three more school boys have opened cases of rape against the principal.

The department is also investigating and will take action if the principal is found guilty.

Mpumalanga Education Department’s Gerald Sambo says, “We are not happy with what has happened at the school. We will be sending our wellness team to the school to speak to all the learners affected. We condemn the scourge.”

The department has urged pupils to return to class and the principal is expected to appear in court on Wednesday.