Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) national chairperson, Dali Mpofu, has taken his election campaign to the informal settlements of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.

He went to Airport Valley in Walmer Township and Korsten in the Northern Areas, where he told residents that in his opinion, there are two parties to vote for.

“Our message has been very clear this morning and that for anyone that is black, in particular you can only vote for two parties the ANC or the EFF.”

EFF’s chairperson came to Nelson Mandela Bay to leave an impression on voters before next week’s election. He told residents that a precedent has been set in 2016 and urged the voters to continue denying the governing party their votes.

Mpofu is confident that the EFF is going to be the ANC’s biggest opposition.

“If you vote for the ANC that means you will continue to vote for people who will steal your money and be corrupt. But if you vote for the EFF that means enough is enough for our people. And that is the central message and it has been very well received.”

The EFF will be watching the results from this part of the world closely when polls open next Wednesday.

Watch video below: