Convicted racist Vicki Momberg has started to serve the remainder of her two-year sentence after handing herself over to the Douglasdale Police Station, north of Johannesburg on Wednesday.

Momberg has been on the run for weeks.


She was supposed to hand herself over to the police in August to start her prison sentence.


Momberg was found guilty of using the K-word 48 times while referring to a black police officer in 2016.

Additional charges will not be laid against her.

National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane says, β€œMs Vicki Momberg appeared at the Randburg Magistrates Court wherein she brought an application that a warrant of arrest that was issued against her by the Randburg Court was prematurely issued.”

β€œThe court ruled that the warrant of arrest was in fact lawfully issued, and therefore dismissed her application. She has since been taken into custody to start serving the remainder of the sentence that was imposed on her,” adds Mjonondwane.