The Cape Chamber of Commerce says matriculants who will study at institutions of higher learning, should consider what skills are in demand in the country, in order to secure future employment.

The Western Cape class of 2018 achieved an 81,5% pass rate – 1% down from the 2017 results. The chamber says the class of 2018 has done well, but there is room for improvement in the standard of basic education.

“There’s a bigger challenge for the future and that is to make sure that our education system produces matriculants who are equipped to deal with the changing demands of the modern world,” says the chamber’s President Janine Myburgh

Meanwhile, the Nelson Mandela Drive campus of the Walter Sisulu University in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape will only allow walk-ins in Education EMS and Bachelor of Science. A few new students have been turned away as the university is still busy with the selection of previous year’s students.

SRC Spokesperson Asanda Mtshezi says there will be focus on other faculties next week.

“We take walk-ins in our computer lab, and assist them when they are filling in application forms – and also we take walk ins for students who are interested in Bachelor of Education in EMS at ZMK site. In MND, we take in students  who are interested Bachelor of Science.”