Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba has officially launched his latest low cost housing project, under the theme: “Turning the Inner City into a construction site”.

Mashaba launched the project at the City’s council chambers on Tuesday morning. It’s aimed at turning the city’s abandoned and hijacked buildings into affordable housing for the ‘missing middle’ lower income earners.

These are individuals who don’t qualify for an RDP house, but also earn too little to qualify for a property bond. Mashaba says the time has come to take back the City.

“When I took over the administration of the city of Johannesburg I discovered a huge challenge of the housing backlog of over 300 000 of our people who can afford to pay, the missing middle. We receive grants from the province and national government to build RDP houses for our poor people but what about those who can afford to pay but they don’t afford to get bonds. So, I decided that I have to take back the city and make affordable accommodation for our people.”