Lobby group AfriForum says Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema‘s watch and luxury car should be enough to recoup the debt owed to them.

The group has obtained a warrant from the North Gauteng High Court to attach assets of the EFF and Malema, to the relevant sheriff of the court.

The move is to recover legal costs owed to AfriForum in a court case brought against Malema and his party to prevent them from inciting people to seize land illegally.

AfriForum Head of Safety, Ian Cameron says, “It is basically 3 court hearings that the EFF have to cover the costs for. Their legal team were served with the relevant notices; Julius Malema himself has received many of the notices.”

“We haven’t listed any specific items, it would be quite interesting how someone like Julius Malema very often talks about inequality in the country but he wears a watch that’s over R250 000. So it would be interesting to seize an item like that.”