Democratic Alliance (DA) members have gathered in Heriotdale, Johannesburg, to celebrate Freedom Day. The party says while 1994 was a significant time for the country, the majority of South Africans don’t have much to celebrate.

DA leader, Mmusi Maimane says the country has gone from a battle against apartheid 25 years ago, to a struggle against the African National Congress in 2019. In efforts to woo voters ahead of the May the eighth elections, Maimane also launched the DAs proposed Jobs Act.

“One day when the DA comes in we will put in a jobs and justice fund so that small businesses can have money to start their businesses and create jobs for South Africans, Amandla.”

Maimane called on South Africans to use their votes to free themselves from the African National Congress (ANC). He has accused the governing party of protecting a status-qou that promotes poverty and unemployment.

“At first you must be liberated and then you must liberate yourself from the liberators. I think 2019 freedom day is an opportunity for us to liberate ourselves from the liberators.”

DA Gauteng Premier Candidate, Solly Msimanga says the country has to intensify the struggle for equal opportunities for all.

“Freedom is when you wake up and you go and work – and you are able to take your child to whatever school that you want to go to and to whatever doctor that you want to go to. But right now you are told to raise a child on R400. And for that child, you are only paying for creche, let alone clothing or anything else for that matter – or anything else for that child – that is not freedom.”