The Democratic Alliance (DA) has kicked off its electioneering campaign in the Eastern Cape, by urging King William’s Town residents to utilise the final voter registration weekend.

Party leader, Mmusi Maimane, together with the provincial leader, Nqaba Bhanga, braved the scorching heat and interacted with residents at the town’s taxi rank.


Maimane has promised that his party will bring change if given an opportunity.

“Many South Africans they say to us they can’t find work. The majority of people are unemployed and it’s clear when you come to communities like this. We need to be able to share our message where we say, we want to build one South Africa for all; because these are South Africans that are forgotten. What we want to do is ensure that ultimately there’s a job in every home. Because at least if one person is working in that home, we can ensure there’s income coming into the house which develops the family. So our message is that let South Africans come out. Let them register. Let them bring about the change that we need because this province needs change.”