Deputy President David Mabuza says all South Africans need to take a stand against the abuse of women and children.

He has called on men, specifically, as the main perpetrators, to change their ways.

This follows the release of crime statistics which showed that women and children make-up a large percentage of those who are victims of violent crime.

Replying to written questions in the National Assembly, Mabuza said government cannot be expected to deal with the scourge alone.

“These things are happening in the hands of men that don’t respect a woman. When they see a woman they see an object; they see something that can be killed; they see something that can be raped. It’s wrong. We must confront ourselves. I don’t think even if we have all the money in the world we can’t have a policeman or policewoman for each and every woman, for each and every girl child,” says Mabuza.

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