The lawyers for the victims of the Listeriosis outbreak says they are still calculating the amount in compensation they will be seeking from Tiger Brands, as well as confirming the full list of victims.

The Johannesburg High Court on Monday granted a class action certificate to the victims, paving the way for them to claim against the company.

The source of the outbreak, which lasted from 2016 until March 2019, was traced to a factory in Polokwane owned by Tiger Brands unit Enterprise Foods.

About 218 deaths were recorded from the disease.

Thami Malusi from Richard Spoor Attorneys, the firm representing the victims says they will be filing their court papers in January.

“There is 1060 confirmed cases based on the work done by the NICD, we think the number might be more. There are four categories of people that are forming part of the class.”

“The first is people that contracted listeria, the second is people that contracted listeria in utero through their mothers, the third is people that lost bread winners to listeria and the fourth is people that supported and had a duty to support other people that had Listeriosis.”

“We are going to file our summons with the court early January and then from that point on we will ask for a hearing to litigate this matter.”

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