At least 10 000 Tonnes of Listeriosis-contaminated meat is to be safely disposed of at various landfill sites countrywide.

This comes amid a class action suit filed against Tiger Brands and Rainbow Chicken by Human Rights Lawyer Richard Spoor.

Forensic investigator, Paul O’Sullivan, has called for the entire Tiger Brands board of directors to step down.

He has threatened to lay charges of murder and attempted murder against the companies. The bacterial infection has claimed 180 lives and almost 1000 cases of infections.

Victims and families are calling for those responsible to be held liable. Human Rights Lawyer, Spoor and a US food safety firm have filed a class action lawsuit against Tiger Brands.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the families of the people affected.

“We believe that there is a strong case to be made because there has been sufficient evidence of the bacteria in the products,” says Human Rights Lawyer, Thami Malusi.

The Environmental Affairs Department has authorised the use of incinerators and chemical treatment for the disposal of the infected meat sources.