As the ANC elective conference draws nearer and the deadline for branches to nominate their respective candidates is on Wednesday, presidential hopefuls are pulling all the stops to get the nod from branches.

ANC’s presidential hopeful Lindiwe Sisulu says the more factionalised the ANC is the less possibility there is of it coming together at the end and moving forward as a much more renewed and reinvigorated party.

“Invariably when slates or a slate wins, the slates that do not win suffer despondency and in some cases the despondency becomes extreme that people walk away. We have seen COPE walk away in large numbers and they walked away almost in anger, they got to the space of COPE and discovered that their roots is back in the ANC and and everything they stand for and are saying is back in the ANC and they figured that they should come back but in the mean time we lost them,” says Sisulu.