A group of 18 women, who enrolled in a construction learnership at Mashamba village, near Elim in Limpopo, are determined to make their mark in the male dominated industry.

They are currently tasked with a responsibility of building 100 RDP houses for needy families in the area. Most of them had been unemployed for a long time.

Building commenced in June following four months of training.

Amongst them is Langutani Shiviti, who has encouraged other women to join and make a living for themselves.

“We, as women, should take this type of a job as ours. Because with this job, you are going to be on your own. You will be your own boss, by yourself. As women, nowadays, we have to stand up and work for our own. We don’t have to wait for the men to provide for us. We have to provide for our families. So, this is the kind of a job that every woman can do, so that she can be on her own,” says Shiviti.

Construction supervisor Lpfhani Rambau says they have so far completed 36 houses. Rambau says he is pleased with the final product.

“We are very happy with them and we are looking forward to working with a lot of women in this kind of job,” says Rambau.