Limpopo police are investigating after multiple murder accused Rameez Patel‘s father-in-law was kidnapped at gunpoint and killed in Polokwane at the weekend.

Yunus Mayet, the father of Patel’s second wife, was kidnapped at his house in Sterpark suburb.

His body was found later.

Patel is standing trial for the murder of his wife and mother.

Investigations to link him with the death of his father are also continuing.

In a separate incident, his brother was killed in July.

Police’s Moatshe Ngoepe says it’s not yet clear if the weekend murder of Patel’s father-in-law is related to the other cases involving members of his family.

“A kidnapping scene started in his house at Sterpark suburb of Polokwane, subsequent to that he was then kidnapped and later found lying dead at Silicon, near airport within the city of Polokwane. At this stage the motive is not clear and we’re still not in a position to can link it with the previous murder cases but our investigations as they are still unfolding will tell”.