The Limpopo department of Education confirms that the assault video of learners that went viral on social media was identified to be learners from Dr AMS Makunyane Secondary School in Seshego, outside Polokwane.

The video shows two learners in school uniform kicking repeatedly another person who is not wearing uniform.

“The two learners involved in the assault and the victim have been identified to be all learners of Limpopo attached to one of our schools in Seshego Circuit, called Dr AMS Makunyane Secondary School in Polokwane district.”

The department made it clear that the person who is attacked is not a teacher but a fellow learner.

“Contrary to what was widely circulated in the social media that the learners were attacking an educator who had confiscated a learner’s cell phone. Our investigations revealed that the two learners in uniform, who are siblings, were actually attacking a fellow learner. The victim who is also a learner at the same school had gone home to change after school and they waited for her outside her home where she was sadly attacked,” the statement reads.

Limpopo MEC for Education Ishmael Kgetjepe says, “We view this kind of conduct in a very serious light as these learners have brought the school into disrepute. The department expects learners whether inside or outside the school to always behave themselves and to desist from violent attacks. We condemn vehemently violence among learners and violence against teachers by learners.”

The disciplinary proceedings are under way.