Some family members of the victims of the Life Esidimeni tragedy could receive their compensation on Wednesday after they were not paid on Friday as promised.

The provincial government has blamed the delay in payment on a technical glitch. These are new claimants who are seeking compensation following the conclusion of the Life Esidimeni Arbitration hearings.

Approximately 144 patients died when they were moved from Life Esidimeni facilities to ill-equipped NGOs.

The Gauteng government says only 13 of the 300 new claimants will be compensated after they were verified to be legitimate.

“One of our reps sent a message to Bafana asking when exactly we should expect payment and he actually advised us that we should expect payment on the 27th, but not saying straight us because he says that if anyone hasn’t received payment by the 27th we should contact them. Which we don’t understand why we should contact them, we only want a straight answer, are we getting paid on the 27th or what?” says Linda Maliehe, a family member.

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