Liberty Group, whose products include accident cover, life insurance, funeral benefits and income protection, has been hacked.

An unknown party has breached its infrastructure and is demanding that the institution pay them.

The group has issued a statement confirming the news, and says it’s taken extra-ordinary steps to try and secure systems.

Consumers, who have policies with Liberty, were contacted on Saturday evening at 9pm, but have not been told to what extent their personal information has been compromised.

The data was seized from the group, allegedly due to weak security.

Tefo Mohapi, a digital expert, has pointed out on Twitter, that Liberty’s website appears not to have had SSL certificates.

A Secure Sockets Layer is a type of technology that ensures that a consumer’s data is protected and remains private when it’s passed between their browser and a company’s server.

The hack comes just a month after a data breach in which almost a million South Africans private information was leaked online, allegedly through the fault of a traffic fines payment system.

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