A 2018 IPSOS Global Advisor Study has found that South Africa has the highest incidents of cyberbullying in the world. The study was conducted in 28 countries.

Online bullying can have a psychological impact on victims. The only recourse that some people have is to seek legal intervention to stop the bullying.

However, this can be a costly exercise, with the majority of South Africans not being able to afford the services of an attorney.

“ Look at the Protection From Harassment Act which would then help you in that you’d be able to approach a clerk of the magistrate’s court which is nearest to you and you will then be able to provide them with your documentation, your ID and everything else in view of what happened and you will then be able to get a protection order against a person who is continuing to make those defamatory statements and that interim order would then be made into a final protection order,” says Attorney Modise Sefume advising victims of cyber bullying . Click below to watch a discussion on cyberbullying : 

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