Some locals in India have pledged their support for the Gupta family, saying they are victims of political vendetta against them in South Africa.

Family, friends and relatives in Saharanpur – a town that’s about 200 kilometres from the Indian capital of New Delhi – say the entire probe against the Guptas in South Africa is a sham. They are calling it political propaganda.

They say they have grown up with the brothers and have seen how honest they are.

The story of the Gupta’s received very little media attention in India, but all of that changed once that arrest warrant was issued in South Africa.

The headlines speaking negatively about the brothers, but that’s not changed how locals are looking at the family.

A cousin of the Gupta brothers lived next door to them for decades.

“They are being punished for no fault of their own. This is a political vendetta and they are being framed by politicians. The Guptas are honest hardworking men. They are innocent.  It’s because of their success that residents look at them as local heroes.”

Neha Poonia – India