The National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NAFCOC) has applauded law enforcement agencies for the operations of seizing counterfeit and illegal goods in the Johannesburg CBD.

SAPS intensified the tasks after hawkers and reportedly illegal foreigners forced police out of the Johannesburg CBD two weeks ago.

In a video that went viral, police were seen to be reversing as the advancing crowd pelted stones at them.

The organisation says the illegal trade has nearly destroyed businesses in the retail sector who abide by the rules.

NAFCOC president, Sabelo Macingwane has hailed the restraint of the police in the incident.

“NAFCOC acknowledges and is encouraged by the initiative to rid the streets and business premises of Johannesburg of the scourge of counterfeit and illegal goods which are reportedly peddled by people allegedly in the country illegally. We are really encouraged by the attitude and reaction of the police. If they had reacted with live ammunition, it would have been another Marikana.”

It says non-payment of taxes cripples the country’s revenue collection. NAFCOC has also strongly condemned the attack on the police by reportedly illegal foreigners.

It has called on stronger enforcement of law to restore order in South Africa’s cities.

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