Former US President Barack Obama says the world is facing strange and uncertain times, and is at times like these that the example of Nelson Mandela is so important.

Obama is delivering the 16th annual Nelson Mandela Lecture at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg.

South Africa remains one of the most unequal countries in the world. Obama has told the crowd that inequality is often fed by corruption. Obama says President Cyril Ramaphosa understands the need to address the challenge of inequality directly. Obama told the crowd that wealth disparities are not sustainable.


Obama has told a crowd at the Wanderers Stadium gathered to hear his Nelson Mandela lecture that Madiba had a major impact on him as a young man. Obama says Mandela’s stand against Apartheid caused the young Obama to pause and reconsider his priorities.

The former US President has told the packed stadium that the world faces uncertain and strange times. He says globalisation and a new form of imperialism pose challenges to Mandela’s dream of social and economic justice.

Madiba would have celebrated his 100th birthday on Wednesday.