The Head of the North West Education and Sport Development Department Stephinah Semaswe has told the Home Affairs probe into the Gupta family’s naturalisation that Home Affairs officials who visited  schools in the province did not get permission from her division.

However, one of the officials who Semaswe says only has a reference and cell number went via some district offices.

The officials allegedly visited the schools which received donations from Gupta-owned company, Oakbay.

The Guptas allegedly used their involvement in the North West schools as one of their social responsibility reasons to justify why their citizenship should be naturalised.

Semaswe says they’ve spoken to the schools,”We have discovered that when we engaged with our schools after receiving a letter from Parliament that yes when the officials from Home Affairs visited our schools doing their inquiries, they ‘via-d’ some of our sub-district offices just to let them know they are going to our schools.”

“This is also not how it is done in the department. Anyone who goes to our schools must get permission from the Head of the Department. It is then that you can access our schools. Whether you are a company; you are individuals; you are an institution; you have to get permission to access our schools,” says Semaswe.

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