Parents of learners from a 50-year-old small church school in Herold near George in the Southern Cape have vowed to do everything to prevent it from closing down.

The Franken Primary School has been in existence since 1933 and around 300 learners attend the school. It’s alleged the local church, which owns the property, wants to sell it.

Angry parents gathered at the school early Wednesday morning, saying they don’t know what they will do if the school closes.

They are mostly farm labourers who are employed as seasonal workers in the surrounding farms.

They say the costs of housing their children at boarding schools and transporting them to George or Oudtshoorn will be enormous.

They also say the church is yet to inform them of the sale of the school property.

In the meantime the church has neither confirmed or denied the sale.

It said that it would provide an official response later this week.