Police are maintaining a strong presence in Meadowlands Soweto as the community has taken to the streets over the increase of crime in the township.

This comes after a young man was killed during the Easter weekend.

Residents took to streets in the early hours of this Tuesday morning, blocking the Mzimhlophe hostel and Phumelong areas in Soweto.

Police have also warned motorists to stay away from the area.

A community member wants to remain anonymous says the community is currently in a meeting to discuss a way forward.

“The protest that we are engaged in at the moment started as a result of a young man being murdered on the Easter weekend. People came to his house, broke the door and mugged him. They took money, they took phones, they also assaulted his mother and they shot him dead. Then they went next door and took a car from them. Then on a Saturday, it was a funeral of a young man. That’s when it was taken upon by the community that we need to take a stand, we need to take action.”

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