President Cyril Ramaphosa says work has been done to transform the economy since last year. Ramaphosa is delivering his State of the Nation Address in Parliament on Thursday.

The President says government has over the last year focused on creating jobs. “We have worked together, as government, labour, business, civil society and communities to remove the constraints to inclusive growth and to pursue far greater levels of investment.”

He says the commitments made at the Presidential Jobs Summit promises to nearly double the number of jobs created. On policy certainty, Ramaphosa says issues raised by stakeholders at the summit are addressed.

“In response to the dire situation at several of our state-owned enterprise, where mismanagement and corruption had severely undermined their effectiveness, we have taken decisive measures to improve governance, strengthen leadership and restore stability in strategic entities.”

The President says during this year South Africans should reflect on the 25 years of democracy.

“As South Africans we will have to ask ourselves a number of questions and some of those will be questions about our nationhood, and ask ourselves whether we have realised the promises of a nation we were meant to be in 1994. We must spend this year, the 25th anniversary of freedom asking ourselves whether we have built a society in which all South Africans equally and without exception enjoy their inalienable rights to life, dignity and liberty. “