SACP General Secretary Blade Nzimande says the recent spate of violent protests around the country, is a sign that government has lost touch with the people.

This week several communities in different parts of the country embarked on protests in demand of services.

Nzimande was speaking at the Chris Hani Memorial Lecture on Friday in Mahikeng in the North West.

He says the protests are a sign that people want the government to do more for them.

He says, “The challenge for us as activists in the movement is to go be with those people and seek to lead those struggles and channel those energies towards forging a serious partnership with government.”

Nzimande adds: “It is an opportunity to be with the people in the trenches, to fight against corruption and to fight against all the things preventing us from doing the things that we are suppose to be doing as government.”

WATCH below Nzimande’s keynote address at the commemoration of the 26th Anniversary of¬†Chris Hani’s¬†assassination…