Some Global Citizen Festival goers who suffered bad experiences after the show ended late last night, have used social media to deplore the poor security planning.

The concert at Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium honoured the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela in his centenary year.

Incidents of crime have been reported following the concert, with some people reportedly being robbed off their valuables and others hijacked.

One man says that after struggling to get an Uber for his children who had attended the event, he drove to the stadium just before 1 A.M. He was, however, stuck in traffic two kilometres from the venue, and as he was talking on the phone with his son, he could hear that there was chaos.

‘When I asked him what’s going on, he said someone’s phone just got snatched, and somebody was beating another person, and he said people are stabbing each other… you can imagine as a 13-year-old stuck there, scared for his life, things are happening. And then, a gun shot, I could hear then through the phone, and you can understand your frustration as a parent, your kids are there and I’m stuck in traffic – I couldn’t even leave the car. There was nothing much I could do… eventually I did manage to get to them and we got home safely. I think we got home at around 2:30am.”