The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) has told Parliament’s Home Affairs Committee that e-mail evidence shows that Malusi Gigaba had a close relationship with the Gupta Family.

This as the second phase of the inquiry into the naturalisation of the Gupta family which is currently underway in Parliament.

OUTA is one of those that have been called to testify.

It made its own investigation and findings into the e-mail communication that allegedly fingers Gigaba into the naturalisation of the Gupta family at the time he was still Home Affairs Deputy Minister.

It came to light that Saraha Computers CEO Ashu Chawla was allegedly instrumental in the whole process.

OUTA’s Rudie Heyneke says: “Throughout the mails we can se that it was not only mails regarding the Department of Home Affairs but also other mails that show there is a close relationship between Minister Gigaba and the Gupta family.”

“Like I said in the beginning he was invited to a lot of events that were hosted by the Gupta family. You will also see documents in the big file there is a few more of these documents where people will speak to Mr Chawla to ask him can you speak to the Minister, can you get this information for us or we have got a problem regarding immigration,can you use you contacts in this regard and speak to the minister,” says Heyneke.