Gauteng police say they will be intensifying road safety awareness campaigns from Monday. More than 200 people have been arrested for various transgressions this past weekend.

Major routes in the province, N1 north and south, N3 and N12 both ways, east and west are expected to carry heavy loads of traffic into the evening.

Gauteng Traffic Police spokesperson Busaphi Nxumalo says they will continue with road safety awareness throughout the festive period.

“We’ve got our officers on the road making sure that there is visibility. We are going to have our roadside check points where our officers are going to stop each and any vehicle and inspect it, more especially for roadworthiness, [and] also to check if the drivers of the vehicles have  proper documentations to travel.”

Nxumalo has called on road users to work with law enforcement agencies to ensure safety on the country’s roads.

“It’s driver behaviour. As law enforcement agencies, we can do as much as we can. We can arrest millions of people. We can take vehicles; [we] can impound so many taxis for roadworthiness, but I think and believe that road safety starts with an individual. We can do as much as we can as law enforcement agencies. So, we need our people, our road users to come on board, to work together with our law enforcement agencies.”

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