The African National Congress (ANC) in Gauteng insists that Herman Mashaba‘s resignation as Johannesburg Mayor, has little to do with internal Democratic Alliance (DA) politics and is more about his alleged failure to run the City properly.

Earlier, Mashaba announced his resignation, effective from the 27th of November.

“Well from where we are standing, Herman Mashaba is running away from the City of Johannesburg simply because he has plunged the City into a financial crisis. Secondly there’s a Public Protectors report. The report is due to be released in the next few weeks so we think that the mayor is just using Helen Zille’s election as a chairperson of the DA as a perfect excuse to run away from the mess that he has created,” says Regional ANC spokesperson, Jolidee Matango.

Meanwhile,  the ANC says its willing to enter into a coalition agreement with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Johanesburg, but on slightly different terms following the resignation of Mashaba.

The ANC envisions that the EFF will form part of the city’s government and not merely enter the fray to pursue its own agenda.

Mashaba resigned from his position effective the 27th of November over his concerns about what he claimed was the ascendancy of right wing elements in the DA.

“If the EFF agrees in terms of forming a coalition government with us and certain principles are put in place to ensure that we don’t have this kind of a situation that they had with the DA where the EFF is outside of government but pulling the strings. Indeed… watch this space its not obvious that since Mashaba has resigned the DA can just put in a mayor there. It will be a process to elect the mayor. We will put candidates as parties and do a secret ballot. A mayor will be elected and that mayor will constitute a new government.”

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