Anyone who wants to have their say on expropriation of land without compensation has less than 24 hours to file their written submission to Parliament. Friday is the deadline to comment on the proposed Constitutional Amendment.

The SA Institute for Race Relations (SAIRR) says tens of thousands of South Africans have endorsed its submission, opposing the amendment.

More than one 100 000 submissions collected by the Freedom Front Plus will be delivered to the offices of the Joint Constitutional Review Committee.

Added to the pile, there are more than 34 000 submissions opposing the amendment, collected by the IRR.

The Institute in a statement says it will propose constructive measures to achieve long overdue land reform.

The Freedom Front Plus and the SAIRR believe land reform is important. But neither believes expropriation without compensation is the answer.

Freedom Front Plus’s Corne Mulder says:”I think if the President is realistic in that sense, he will find that land owners will be accommodative. People across the board will be happy to assist in that process.”

The party says this campaign is supported by people from different backgrounds.

Both the Freedom Front Plus and the SAIRR say expropriation infringes on property owner rights, and has financial implications on the economy.

The Congress of the People (COPE) will be holding a press briefing on Friday, to update on how many submissions they’ve received opposing the proposed amendment.

The Constitutional Review committee will only comment on the submissions on deadline after Friday’s deadline.

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