The Forum for Service Delivery (FSD) got a boost on Sunday when it took its election manifesto to Port Elizabeth. The civic movement, the African Basic Movement, has pledged to back the Forum in the upcoming poll.

The party has garnered new members after the African Basic Movement pledged its support. The FSD went on a door-to-door campaign in New Brighton.

Amendments to immigration policy and promises to create jobs feature prominently in its manifesto.  The two organisations who shares its stance on free education and fighting corruption.

The leader of party Mbahari Kekana explains their stance on foreign nationals in South Africa.

“We don’t have problem with all foreigners. We love them they are our brothers, but we kindly request them to give us space for 10 years so that we can fix our problems we are having. After 10 years they can come back.”

They want small business enterprises to be reserved for South Africans and want policy changes to allow illegal foreigners to be deported.

President Mbahare Kekana says all they want is to make a difference rather than empty promises.

Kekana adds that South Africans have been longing for a party that will advance their needs. “We have councillors in North West and they are making a difference, people have confidence in us.”

African Basic Movement’s Alfred Luthuli says:” We share the same vision as the Forum for Service Delivery. There is a lot that needs to change and we believe we can do well these in these elections. People on the ground are loving us and we are going to assist Forum, our members are on the ground doing very well across the country. ”

The Forum for Service Delivery enjoys support in North West, Mpumalanga and the Free State. They have set their sights on improving their standing in the Eastern Cape.

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