Former Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) member of Parliament Luthando Mbinda and his rival Narious Moloto are expected to meet in the High Court in Cape Town on Monday morning.

Mbinda is challenging what he calls his unfair dismissal from Parliament.

The PAC removed him following a successful High Court ruling in Gauteng in September this year.

The Moloto faction has successfully argued in court that Mbinda was no longer a PAC member as he was expelled from the party in 2017 and could therefore not serve as a PAC member of Parliament.

Following the ruling, Mbinda had to be replaced by Alton Mpheti.

Mbinda argues that Mpheti still has a criminal record case pending against him and therefore could not qualify to be sworn in as an MP.

Currently the PAC does not have a representative in the National Assembly.