As ANC NEC members meet in Umhlanga to consolidate the List for MPs, a piece of art in the nearby Durban North is making waves along the famous Ruth First Highway.

All 13 former and current party presidents welcome people to Africa’s playground.

Ruth First, an activist in her own right, must be smiling in her grave. On the shoulder of the road named after her, are the 13 ANC leaders.

The statues include South Africa’s first democratic President Nelson Mandela and Africa’s first Nobel Peace Prize winner Chief Albert Luthuli.

People passing by were very impressed by the statues.

“I am from Richard’s Bay I was driving around and saw these statues and they represent us as black people,” says a passerby.

“It’s very very beautiful. It’s something that everybody should come and see,” says another.

“We are going to teach our kids about these struggle heroes,” adds on of the visitors.

For some, it was time to reconnect and make sense of the names behind their struggle heroes.

“I think it is important to assist in educating the young people about the history of SA about where they come from and outstanding personalities that did impeccable work and contributed to the democracy that we have today.”

“We made a U-turn and I am so happy to see our heroes. Those are our presidents. I don’t know others, but I think we are going to learn a lot of things here.”

People visiting the art say this is good work. “They teach us about history instead of being taught about Jan van Riebeeck who brought misery in our country.”

Sculptor Lungelo Dlamini says he drew motivation from South Africa’s history and heritage. For the artist, designing these statues, warms his heart.

“What motivated me was the heritage and history behind the statues. The aim was to start the wax museum and then when I did these statues was to honour our heroes of the struggle.”

The closely-guarded exhibition will be on until the end of the ANC’s birthday celebrations next week.

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