The Freedom Front Plus is optimistic about its performance in the upcoming general elections. The party’s leadership was campaigning in Kuils River in Cape Town, tackling social issues.

The FF+ currently has four seats in the National Assembly. However, it is upbeat about their performance in this year’s general election.

The party wants to increase the number of seats in Parliament and be represented in the Western Cape Provincial legislature.

Party leader Pieter Groenewald says that their campaign is looking good.

“The campaign is looking very good. It’s only a couple of days left, but what the FF+ had experienced is that there is a huge support for the FF+. I mean if you look at the opinion polls, the FF+ is one of the big five parties in SA and where I come, people say this time we are going to vote for the FF+.”

Kuils River is an area that has serious drainage problems when there are heavy rains. Residents complained to the party about their challenges.

“Yes, my neighbour has had damages for more than R100 000, mine has been less. Also, the water comes down here is mixed with sewerage and it streams down here and you can imagine what your lawn and driveway look like; it’s terrible.”

The FF+ is targeting one million votes in this year’s election.