This Friday, the first event in South Africa to celebrate ordinary women in high-altitude mountaineering and what they have achieved over the last 24 years will take place.

Speaking on Morning Live, high altitude climber Deshun Deysel says the celebration is to bring female climbers together to share in their experiences.

She says it is a 20 year project in the making as the sport has continued to grow over the years.

Women who have set records on the summits of some of the highest peaks will be involved including the first female from the country to complete the seven summits challenge – Mandy Ramsden and Everest star Cathy O’Dowd.

There is also going to be the launch of the 2020 Mount Everest expedition.

This is a historic event as it will be the first time South Africa sends an all women team to climb Mount Everest.

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