Capetonians have responded with mixed reactions to a group of environmentalists cycling naked in public on Saturday morning. The naked bikers participated in the 10th annual World Naked Bike Ride in the Mother City to raise awareness on environmental pollution due to the use of fossil fuels.

The event coincides with the Cape Town Cycle Tour which has seen thousands of cyclists converge on the city this weekend.

Some of the locals had this to say.

“It’s terrible to see how people run naked in the road from town up until the Atlantic Sea Board, especially for Capetonians where we have small kids you know. I think it’s lusty. It’s a taboo. It’s quite nasty to see people who are out of shape and so naked, but it’s also great sort of expression for freedom. I can support that love-your-body-love-yourself, if you want to express yourself in that way. It can be seen as artistic, but I think in our society, though you are from a modest background like religion, it can be offensive.”

Environmentalists, who took part in Saturday morning’s 10th annual World Naked Bike Ride in Cape Town, say they are doing it for future generations. The naked cyclists took to the streets of the CBD and Sea Point Promenade on their eco-friendly bicycles.

They say they want to raise awareness on the amount of air pollution South Africans generate by using fossil fuels.

The World Naked Bike Ride takes place annually in over 74 cities around the world.

Environmentalist, Juanita Pretorius, says, “It’s very important because you see, tomorrow and the day after, then you are not here anymore and the children have to see that you are the parent that stands up for their rights and for their world and to have them a safer world because you are here for the children of tomorrow.”