North West police have confiscated six elephant tusks with an estimated street value of R1 million. It is believed the tusks might have originated in neighbouring Botswana.

They also found ninety two pill containers with anti-retrovirals during the raid. Acting on a tip –off, police raided a home at Itsoseng.  Inside, they found six elephant tusks and a huge amount of medication.

“They arrived at Itsoseng with information about the Ivory and other things. Following the information they arrested six suspects in connection with possession of ivory,” says Police Spokesperson Lebogang Mokgothu.

Although police have yet to conclude their investigation, it seems the tusks are from Botswana. Each tusk has a unique number that contains a year as well as the weight of the tusk. It is suspected that it could have been taken from a storage facility.

Police are also trying to trace the origins of the medication but it seems that one of the occupants of the house was working at a local government health facility.

It raises eyebrows and suspicion. It is something that we have picked up but we don’t have the details yet. We understand that it is a matter that police are handling and that is good. They need to investigate if anyone is found to have committed a crime they must be brought to book,” says North West Health Department’s Tebogo Lekgethwane.

The suspects are expected to appear in court soon. Lizette Labuschagne