The former vice chairperson of the Electoral Commission (IEC), Terry Tselane, says an audit into the election process is an admission by the IEC that it is facing a serious problem.

It now needs to assure the public that the identified irregularities have been dealt with.

Tselane suggests a reason why the commission finds themselves in such a debacle.

“If the commission had not advertised so much the fact that people could vote anywhere – it could have minimized the problem. Because people would have gone to their voting stations to vote there. So the fact that people could go to any station they wanted to, introduced certain vulnerabilities for the organization. It is saddening; I’m sure not only for me but for many South Africans, as well as for the commissioners themselves. This kind of problem will also dent their image as individuals but also the integrity of the process and the organization.”

The IEC says they have also ordered an investigation into the effectiveness of the 200 000 indelible ink marker pens supplied for the elections.

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