The funeral of a woman who died after she was allegedly stabbed by her mother will take place in Eldorado Park, south of Johannesburg on Wednesday.

Twenty four year-old Vinolia Avent was a known drug addict for the 10 years before her death.

The community of Eldorado Park has rallied around 45 year old Raquel Dunn, who they say was terrorised and harassed by her daughter.

Avent is expected to be buried just one day before her mother Dunn is expected back in court for her role in her daughter’s death.

Dunn is currently out on bail.

Anti-drug activists, community members and mothers from Eldorado Park say they support Dunn as too many of them can relate to the horror of dealing with a child addicted to substances.

The community has vowed to show up in full force to support Dunn for her next court appearance and have also arranged a support network for other parents dealing with addict children.

More than 30 mothers from the area stepped forward on Tuesday to register their children as addicts with the local drug action committee and to seek advice and assistance.