The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has called on government to contribute towards the bailout of Zimbabwe to better the country and avoid a flood of Zimbabweans coming into South Africa.  This follows last week’s violent clampdown on Zimbabweans protesting against a massive fuel hike.

Hundreds of protestors were arrested.  Various reports say 12 people were killed during protests, opposed to the three claimed by police.

EFF leader Julius Malema says his call is not to aid the ruling Zanu-PF party but rather the country as a whole.

“South Africa must contribute towards the bailout of Zimbabwe because if you don’t help Zimbabweans the border is going to be flooded by them and anyone who is going to block them from coming in we are going to fight with that person. It must be a grant that is dedicated to developmental programmes which will help Zimbabwe to stand on its own. A weaker Zimbabwe leads to a weaker SADC region. In 2019, you’ve got a leader who just shut down internet and shut down social media. It’s unacceptable and Mnagangwa must know that. We are not going to support the tyranny the brutalisation of our people.”

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