As the deadline looms for branches of the African National Congress (ANC) to conduct and complete Branch General Meetings (BGM’s) ahead of the December elective conference, the Eastern Cape is hitting the ground running.

The party’s Provincial Executive Committee says it is looking to have over 150 BGM’s completed between now and Monday. Out of the province’s 598 branches eligible for the conference, 280 have already completed their BGM’s.

The ANC’s Provincial Deputy Secretary, Helen Sauls-August says the majority of branches that have conducted BGM’s are in line with the provincial structure in terms who should lead come the December conference.

“Where we are standing now, out of the 264 branches on the creasing line – we are 90% in line with what the provincial conference reflection on who should lead the country on behalf of the ANC come December. We are in no doubt that the reflection come Monday will still be the same – the branches are consistent. We have been one of those provinces that have been consistent to say that you cannot deny the organisational culture when it comes to the position of the president. There’s no doubt that comrade Cyril is got that standing within the branches and he’s the person we believe imbues the characters that can unite the organisation.”

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