The chairperson of the Dolphin Avenue Residents’ Association in Reservoir Hills, Durban – Danjay Deonarain – says research that scientists have conducted around the world proves that there are health implications for people that live near cellphone towers.

This comes after residents held a peaceful protest on Dolphin Avenue on Sunday to vent their anger over a cellphone tower that has been erected in the area.

Deonarain says they are appealing to eThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede to urgently intervene.

“We have a number of vulnerable groups who live within Dolphin Avenue. We have two Montessori schools which are within 30 meters of the mast. We have two cancer patients who live adjacent to the mast and we have an old age home which is probably about 80 meters away. The research that we’ve done has actually shown that there health concerns around the mast, there are more and more scientists that are getting involved in studying the effects where they actually show that the radiation of the cell masts. There are certain vulnerable groups. The way that the radiation interacts on that developing body is completely different to the way it interacts with an adult body. We also raised concerns about the impact on our property values.”