A Limpopo pastor who sprayed congregants with the Doom insecticide, Lethebo Rabalago, has been found guilty on five charges of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm and contravening the Agricultural Stock Remedies Act.

Magistrate Frans Mahodi says the state has proved its case beyond reasonable doubt that the five people who laid assault charges were violated.

“I do not have doubts that the nature of the weapon, being Doom put the offence on the category of being grievous. The fact that these people were sprayed on their faces with Doom makes this offence worst of its kind. There is no doubt that the action of the accused of spraying people with Doom injured victims seriously. This was a dangerous act committed by the accused. The court has already mentioned that some of the victims had detrimental side effects, the illness, like coughing for more than 7 months.”

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