The National Department of Health together with USAID and the Centre for Communication Impact have come up with a campaign to help change conversations around sexual health and intimacy. “Their Peace of mind #NoRegrets” campaign aims to challenge existing stigma by promoting condom usage and better choices.

CEO of Centre for Communication Impact Bronwyn Pearce says that there are still myths and misconceptions that were thought to have been eradicated already around the use of condoms.

“I think for many people, especially young people who are becoming sexually active, there are a lot of fears around condom use; ‘Am I using it correctly, will I be able to negotiate condom use with my partner, how do I get rid of it, is it 100% safe?’…We have to open up space for young people to have that conversation and to build their skills and confidence around using condoms.”

Pearce says that they are hoping to open a platform for better communication, especially around HIV.

“What we are hoping to achieve with this campaign is we are presenting young people themselves who are talking about those very consequences of not using condoms. In this way we are hoping that the message will resonate better with other young people.”

Pearce says that they are hoping to get a lot of response to the campaign on social media.


For more, watch video below: