The DA says it responded within a reasonable time. DA Federal Executive Deputy Chairperson Natasha Mazzone spoke in an earlier interview about De Lille and the Steenhuisen report.

“Patricia de Lille commenting on a report and saying she never had access to it etc… We must remember that she absolutely refused to participate in the internal investigation. Documents were made available to her. She certainly does know what these documents entail and then claims to not have received these letters. There is a little bit of grand standing here and that has to be said in plain and simple English.”

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille has accused the Democratic Alliance (DA) of stalling her court application where she wants the party to produce evidence on a number of allegations against her contained in a report compiled by DA MP John Steenhuisen.

De Lille says the matter was postponed in chambers on Thursday because the DA filed its replying affidavit only on Wednesday.

The matter will now be heard on 01, November.

De Lille says the report contains findings and recommendations based on untested allegations.

“It’s very difficult to understand why the DA is doing this. Because they always challenged me publicly to deal with the Steenhuisen report and yet the same party in the court case they want to keep the Steenhuisen evidence as a secret.”