The water crisis in the Western Cape is not unique, and will eventually spread to other cities, including Johannesburg. That’s according to Dr Anthony Turton, a professor at the University of the Free State, who says that cities such as East London and Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape might also face Day-Zero.

The KwaZulu-Natal town of Ugu is also set to face the same fate.

Turton believes that the water crisis can be used to kick-start the economy in South Africa, as projects such as recovering water from waste, desalination and ground water can be pioneered to deal with water shortages.

However, he says, government has failed – and this is why the country is where it is.

“Government has failed to deliver on its social contract . The society has got a right to kick back, and they are . I believe we’re going to see a fundamental change of architecture. I’ve reached out to all political parties, I’ve reached out to the Minister, to the Premier, to every single one willing to give me 10 minutes… none of them is interested in listening – and they must ultimately deal with the fall out that comes from this.”