Political analyst Ralph Mathekga says the Democratic Alliance (DA) needs to formulate a sustainable and firm policy on land reform in order to be taken seriously as a party which is ready to lead.

The DA launched its 2019 election manifesto at the Rand Stadium in Johannesburg earlier on Saturday in the lead up to the May polls.

Leader Mmusi Maimane said his party would make sure that there would be no Expropriation of Land Without Compensation.

He said if the DA were elected to government it would make sure that land reform was done without amending Section 25 of the Constitution.

Ralph Mathekga says, “They are against the ANC, but they are not presenting a properly formulated land reform policy. He is talking about protecting rights and the citizens should own. No, Maimane! Majority of citizens don’t own land in this country. That is a fact.”

“I am not saying that justifies Expropriation Without Compensation, but you still need to think about the question of land reform by just taking the position you are taking. Taking an option against the governing party is not enough you have to justify what is it that you are offering.”

“If they wake up being in government, what kind of land reform are they going to have? They insist on people owning land whereas people will say, ‘but here are the figures, majority of people do not own land.'”

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