The Democratic Alliance (DA) is demanding further investigation into the allegations of none declaration of gifts by State President Jacob Zuma.

This after DA leader, Mmusi Maimane visited the Union Buildings to view President Zuma’s declaration of interest since he took office in 2009.

Maine says the DA will ask for a further probe as it appears they have been sent on a goose chase.

The controversial monthly payment of R1 million, that’s alleged to have been paid to President Jacob Zuma in the first four months of taking office cannot be traced in the President’s asset book at the Union Buildings.

However, a number of other items have been registered.

“Now many of us know, the fact that Mr Jacques Pauw in his book alleges that the President’s earned a million rand in the first four months of his presidency. And as far as the executive ethics code is concerned, that information must be declared in the public record of the presidency.”

The allegations are published in the book recently published by investigative journalist Jacques Pauw.

It is alleged that the President had been paid a monthly amount of R1 million by businessman Roy Moodley in the first months of taking office as the country’s president.

Maimane says they want the matter to be further investigated.

“What we want to know is where was the R1 million declared, and was any tax paid for it. And what was that money for. No one pays you a million-rand for any specific reason. So there must be further investigation that must take place.”

The declaration documents only show other declarations, including the “Nguni cattle” Zuma received from Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe.

It also revealed that the President received presents from convicted businessman Shabir Shaik, Russian president Vladimir Putin, Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir, and the Chinese president among others.

Maimane says the value of the presents must be made public.

“So Putin gave the president some wine and four military books, and a supper jet model. Whether that has to do with the nuclear nobody knows.”

The DA’s action comes after President Zuma failed to answer a question last week in the National Assembly.

This was on whether he received any payments from his friend and tender mogul, Roy Moodley, or his company.

The presidency has welcomed the DA’s visit to the Union Buildings.

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